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Aircraft Carrier Limited Edition Watch

Aircraft Carrier Limited Edition Watch

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Features unique, two-layer construction refers to the "ITZ" airport deck hiding the precise machines under the surface. In order for the aircraft carriers to survive the ocean, their surfaces must be resistant to high pressure impact and high temperature, moreover, they must be protected against corrosion.

The watch consists of an envelope cast made of stainless steel, which was covered with a particularly hard Corrosion IP titanium IP coating. What's more, the envelope was hung on a silicone bar in black, on which the jet motif was placed. The whole is complemented by a skeleton shield in a gray shade, which is equipped with a luminescent coating. The device works based on the Seagull ST2553JK automatic mechanism, whose gait reserve is 40 hours. The water resistance of the product is 30 m, which means that it is resistant to small amounts of water

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