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Obaku Denmark

Gold Steel Mother of Pearl Watch

Gold Steel Mother of Pearl Watch

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The dial on this watch is made of intricate mother of pearl put together in a mosaic pattern.


What is Mother of Pearl? Unsurprisingly, pearls and mother of pearl are made of the same substance: nacre, an iridescent material composed of calcium carbonate. Nacre is created by mollusks to protect their soft interior tissue. Mother of pearl is believed to have stress-relieving properties, bringing calmness and stimulating intuition and creativity.

This elegant watch is fitted with 4 crystals in the dial and is made of gold-plated corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Glass: Mineral Crystal
Dial : White Mother of Pearl
Strap: Gold Stainless Steel Mesh
Water Resistant: 30M
Movement: 3 Hands

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